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Surf Survival Course – 9th June

Experience Counts!

Congratulations to Brendon, Ted and Tim for completing the One Ocean International Surf Survival Course! By participating in this course, 10% of the course proceedings were donated to  “Ground Up”.

Brendon, Ted and Tim came to the course with a huge amount of ocean experience! Their goals were to extend their breath hold times, feel comfortable with big hold downs and have more longevity in the surf. And in my eyes, they certainly achieved this!

These three gentlemen started and finished the course with extreme mental focus and motivation to do their best. I was immediately impressed with their ability to focus during static breath holds of up to 3min30sec!, which was a result of over 30 years of experience in different disciplines ranging from yoga, Qigong and various Martial Arts

The team was so comfortable in the water, quickly applying new skills learned to show great technique in underwater and ocean survival swimming techniques, easily completing dynamic apnea no fins of up to 50m!

It was a privilege and a humbling experience training with these seasoned watermen, I learned so much myself just by observing the way they approached the training, thanks so much again team! Very much looking forward to getting in the ocean with you all soon!