Apnea Level One - Byron Bay 12 July 2013

Amazing weather! Amazing people! Amazing ocean Conditions!
Apnea level 1 with Bia, Ben, Tomi, Jean-luc and Ash! The team did an incredible job with so much fun had by all! Some great mental and physical barriers were pushed through to achieve some outstanding results with static apnea of over 3min, dynamic apnea over 50m and CW dives of up to 20m! Outstanding!
There was impressive team work and comradery throughout the course which added to the relaxed atmosphere that is so important with freedive training, I was humbled to watch the team take the time to help eachother through the training and enjoy seeing their mates do so well! So good! As I push on all the courses, “it is not all about going deep, its about having fun!”
On the last dives at Julian Rocks we were surrounded by so much marine life; kingfish, snapper, wobbygongs, dart, rays and had a few very curious gray nurse sharks check out the action! We finished off with some great dives around Julian Rocks finding cray holes, swim thru’s and beautiful terrain! So good!
For me, I see the Apnea Level 1 course the most important out of the three as it instills a solid base in which to train from, and I am stoked with how all the team is diving! So keep up the diving, training and healthy living and most of all have fun!
It was a pleasure training this group of outstanding people! I very much look forward to getting in the ocean with all of them again soon!
Big thanks to Bia, Ben, Tomi, Jean-luc and Ash for making the last Byron Bay freedive course for 6 months an amazing one!!!