It was a great atmosphere at Salt Gypsy HQ in Cenggu as Claire, Fi, Danny and Jade took their seats and prepared for the mornings lectures; great environment, great food, great people!

The team presented with a broad range of experience ranging from 4 years surfing experience to highly experienced professional surf guides… I very much enjoy training people who are passionate about the ocean and I could tell as soon as I met the team that they were pumped to get into some training! Awesome!

Surf Survival Bali.png

With the team prepped with some exciting new knowledge it was time to put it to use…

Static Apnea Training

I love watching students learning about how their bodies work and being able to put it into practice, moving through all the symptoms of the urge to breath and no longer having a subjective approach to the myriad of strange feelings but being an observer.  Objectively and logically analyzing the responses their bodies are having.

Some great barriers were pushed thru during that session both physical and mental with some static times of up to 2 minutes and everyone over doubling their breath hold times, it was lining up to be a great day!

Some extra in water static Apnea was done back at Salt Gypsy HQ two days after the completion of the days training to give a couple days to absorb the new knowledge learned.

After a brief yoga session and some breathing exercises to warm up the girls dive reflex it was time to put knowledge into practice… Claire and Danny were super comfortable and relaxed heading into the static and both got amazing times of up to 2min25sec! Both girls had heaps of fuel left in the tank as they came up for their surface protocol and I was stoked to see them smiling commenting on how easy and comfortable it was.

Freedive Skills

Surfers… what can I say… they just know how to move in the water!

The team was so quick to adopt the newly learned Dynamic Apnea No Fins and duck diving techniques! Before I knew it they were off! Swimming up and down the Cenggu pool like grommets who just realized that their parents weren’t watching! So much fun! The team got some great results with up to 40m underwater swims with heaps of fuel left in the tank!


There were some amongst the team who new first hand what it is like to undertake in water rescues so the playful mood got serious momentarily for the rescue session… it is a big reality check when you realize how heavy a lifeless body can be in the water, but after a few drills and rehearsal of techniques the team was all over it, again impressing me with their ability to quickly learn a new skill.

Surf Skills

With a quick refresh of some survival swimming techniques it was time for the team to put all these new skills into practice in a fun game that I learned at the Navy Dive School… well I think its fun.

After 1 attempt and some great communication the team blitzed the training session and cemented their new learned skills. I believe the value of a new skill is not really truly understood until it is used to overcome a challenge… “it always seems impossible until it is done” Nelson Mandela

Underwater disorientation drills… the team seemed a bit apprehensive about this training session, but it did not take long for the water(wo)man side to take over… I love seeing the response a surfer gets when they realize that they have the ability to hold their breath with an increased heart rate and half a lung full of air just by applying a few simple techniques! Well done team! Some very impressive results!

Sea Survival

With boat charters becoming a preferred option for surfers and many stories being told on the course of cases of surfers being lost at sea or vessels sinking, it was a great motivation to get into some sea survival training. After a few drills, heaps of laughter and some fun new skills the team was ready! Life jacket or no life jacket!

After a solid 9 hours of training it was time to rest and fill our hungry bellies! It was such a privilege to train such a fun, experienced and easy going group of water(wo)man!

I hope that the team never gets into a life threatening situation where they need to apply these skills but I feel confident that if they did they are more than competent to overcome whatever challenge they face.

A huge thanks to Salt Gypsy for your amazing hospitality and for hosting the course! Looking forward to getting into some waves with you all real soon!

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