Throughout running the watermanship courses i have the opportunity to meet some amazing people, that's one of the reasons why i teach...
Alex Fringswater photographer, surfer, waterman and all round legend is one of those amazing people!

Alex approached me wanting to improve his breath hold times and awareness in the ocean. His main motivation was to be able to enjoy the ocean, having had a near drowning experience in the past in Bali. And also to improve his skills as a waterman for his business as a surf photographer.

I contextualized an Advanced Survival Course for him which covered aspects of sea survival, freediving and surf rescue.

Alex stood out straight away! He is so comfortable in the ocean and has incredible mental focus! a great combination!
Smashing out over 3min in static apnea and a 50m dynamic apnea i was very impressed with his watermanship skills!

Alex was able to put his new learned skills into practice with outstanding performances in the disorientation drills. Doing a Surf Survival Course record of a 2min, elevated heart rate, disorientation hold down!!! Very impressive Alex! And he still had more left in the tank!!!

Out in the ocean, Alex impressed me yet again by putting his skills into action in the surf, currents and undertows surrounding Julian Rocks off Byron Bay. Gliding through the ocean like a seal! We even got the opportunity to swim with a couple of friendly turtles! So much fun!!!

It was a pleasure teaching Alex and i very much look forward to getting in the water with him again soon!!

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