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24 Jan

It was an impressive first day of the Freediving Apnea 1 course here in Byron Bay with all the students doing so very well!
We had an awesome morning talking freediving and science followed by 3 hours in the pool! A big pool session full of exercises in basic freediving fundamentals and some great 50m dynamics with great form with some impressive dolphin kick and no fins dynamics done too! Well done team! Frothing for the morning of PB's and ocean adventures! Yew!


25 Jan

Another amazing day of freediving training today! Lucas Handley from Tribes of the Big Blue came in today as guest freediver to share some of his extensive knowledge and it was so awesome having him onboard! He bought a wealth of experience to the course and such a great vibe!
This morning was all about personal best attempts in Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea… we had some very impressive results with some Static Apnea performances of well over 3min! Also some outstanding Dynamic performances with a 65m no fins performed! And many 50 - 80m Dynamic Bi Fins! Such an awesome pool session! 

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In the afternoon we went out to Julian Rocks and got into some Constant Weight training… we had challenging conditions out there with limited vis and choppy seas but the team focused on their technique and smashed the first open water dives with some outstanding performances of up to 15m… Such an epic day of freediving action! So pumped for tomorrow when we get into some deeper water and have fun exploring Julian Rocks! 
So privileged to be working and training with such an awesome group of people!


26 Jan

After a good rest the team was at the dive shop at 0630 ready to go! Excited after yesterday’s dives they were keen to get out in the ocean and get into some great freediving action.

On the ride out off Cape Byron there was a 15 – 20knt south easterly blowing, this added to the adventurous atmosphere of Julian Rocks. Once out at “the rock” Lucas, Anthony and I jumped over the side to set up the buoys and we could not believe how blue the water was compared with the previous day! Anthony was pumped with the camera in hand ready to take some great shots! Lucas then turned to the students and in typical waterman style said, “its perfect mackerel temperature out here! Lets go! We might see a school”


So the team jumped in consisting of Hiedy, Kieran, Sam, Chris, Will and Matthew… after a few warm up dives and acclimatization they were ready to go. Each of the team came through to the dive lines one at a time performing multiple dives including no mask drills, arms only ascent drills, streamlining exercises, free immersion dives, constant weight dives and hangs.

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In the end the team did some great dives to 15m and their technique had improved significantly from the day before. One of the key points from the previous day was to, “focus on the techniques and the depth will come” and this advice had a great effect on the level of diving today… Well done team!

Some of the team had some ear problems but its not to worry… Its all part of freediving and your ears will be back to health in a few days ready to go for next weekend! Yew!

Unfortunately due to an increase in the wind and swell whilst out at sea we had to cancel the deeper dives… the team will meet again at Byron Dive next Saturday to dive the 21m gutter off the NW end of Julian Rocks, one of my most faviroute dives in the area and I am so pumped to join this amazing crew and get into some more awesome freediving action!

Again well done to Hiedy, Kieran, Sam, Chris, Will and Matthew, you all did such a great job and are already well on your way to becoming extremely competent and professional freedivers! Also another big thankyou to Lucas Handly and Anthony Superina for your help with the course, you are both a wealth of knowledge and it’s a pleasure to be in the ocean with you. Legends!