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Victory awaits him who has everything in order, luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time, this is called bad luck.” Roald Amundsen

 The 6 Principals of training:


When it comes to watermanship, strength is very specific. The power needed to paddle through a barrage of sets, the ability to swim through confused seas and aerated water, the ability to rescue an unconscious patient in surf and high seas… these are just a few examples of specific strength.


 The flexibility component of training is not only focused on for injury prevention, but it is also important for the flexibility of your muscles to help conserve oxygen and maintain a relaxed state whilst in a “wipeout” situation.

 Depth Awareness

 Having the ability to equalise your ears, to understand the principals of positive, neutral and negative buoyancy, understanding and controlling airspaces in your body and equipment then using them to your advantage and becoming familiar with the feeling of water pressure and gaining  a perception of depth.


 Train in the “stimulus”. A watermans playground: The ocean, seas, rivers and lakes. Their machine: Their body. Their vehicle: Their craft.

Conduct training in the watermans playground, adapting their machine to handle the stresses that will be encountered and become an expert in handling your craft.


 The second most important aspect of watermanship.

Applying training principals to have the ability to use oxygen more efficiently within your bodily systems and to unsure recovery from activity is as fast as possible, understanding the science behind breath hold and applying it, understanding and applying specificity to training, learning how to breath for watermanship.


 The most important aspect of watermanship training. This principal will support all the others, if this fails so will the rest.

How strong is your mind? Panic, irrational fear and negative thoughts will lead to disaster. 

"Joe Knight is an incredible waterman, and the training I have received has certainly allowed me to keep pushing the boundaries of my photography" - Russell Ord.