A few weekends ago, I had the most amazing experience of training and surfing with the biggest group of legends. So I thought that I would share it with you guys!!!

So... imagine this? 

Surfing, freediving, pilates, empty beaches, epic food and great company... all in one weekend! Epic right!? Thats what the Ocean Fit weekend was all about.

On the morning of the camp, I woke up at my beach home where the team was meeting to get into the day of training and I could hear the surf pounding on the sand... i jumped out of bed and ran out the back gate, over the sand dune to see perfect 3-4ft ft right and left peaks. As I was admiring the surf, I was met by the team, led by fellow Ocean Fit trainer, Wahine on Waves founder and pilates extraordinaire Fi Duncan. We just stood there watching the perfect waves and all feeling so keen to get into the day!

We laid out the towels on the beach and got into an amazing pilates session covering all the important balancing and strengthening exercises crucial to increasing your surfing ability. I was amazed how strong and balanced I felt after holding each pose, I was really getting excited to get into the surf! As we were going through the poses following Fionas lead, we were watching these perfect barrels, imagining we were locked in, feeling strong and balanced... it was such an amazing session! Fiona's charismatic and professional approach to the session left us wanting more! A great start to the camp!

After the pilates session, we all hit the water. The waves were pumping with everyone testing out their new found strength and getting their teeth into some tasty barrels! There was only one casualty with Julian Hansford from New Zealand, snapping his board during a gnarly lip attack! But in true kiwi style, he quickly located another board and 10 minutes later he was back out there! 

After the surf, we all had a delicious bite to eat at the local cafe and then it was down to the river to get onto some waterman training starting with static apnea... we ran through a great CO2 static table with the team finishing the table with smiles on their faces. From there, it was into the more surf specific action with a no fins, dynamic CO2 table... You won't find any training better than this for surfing! By the end of the watermanship session, the team was well buggered and ready for another round of veggie burgers at the cafe!

Sitting down to a cup of tea with the crew of Ocean Fit, reflecting on the day we had been through, I felt very satisfied with the training Fiona and I provided. Strength, flexibility, body balancing, core strength, spine mobility through Pilates combined with Watermanship skills made up of training principals, breathing techniques, apnea, freediving and advanced swimming techniques... topped off with an amazing surf session. So stoked!

A big thanks to Kylie, Julian, Rachel, Fiona, Lia and Jacque for coming along and bringing so much energy and enthusiasm to the table! It was such a pleasure training with all of you and I am pumped to get into the water with you again soon!

Stay tuned to One Ocean International and Wahini on Waves for the next Ocean Fit Camp coming up in November!

All the epic shots were taken by the amazing Lia Barrett. Oh! Except the waves and the bubble... they're mine!

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