We met the Willcox family on the Saturday morning. Mick, Jacob and India showed up to the Wilderness shed at 8:30 am ready for action. 

By how comfortable, open and polite they were, we knew it was going to be an amazing program

We loved the fact that they were getting into learning about watermanship and more in depth about their mind and body’s ability as a family, really cool and inspiring.

After the usual start of the program of running through the theory of how our body works whilst holding our breath, and in general watermanship, we ran through some mental strengthening techniques and specific yoga for apnea. The Willcox’s were super keen and involved in the whole process, from asking questions to actively sharing some input and experiences. As trainer's it is very interesting to see how the family dynamic creates a blossoming environment for young athletes to develop and how this environment promotes a strong attitude towards challenges and keeping their heads well centred.

We headed down the river for the relaxation drills, static apnea and resucues with the Willcox clan exceeding their own expectations. Our style of teaching and their unique approach to challenges made this a very memorable experience for all of us. The whole family held their breath for just over 3 minutes!! 

Aquaticity runs in their blood, the three of them were very comfortable and strong in the ocean. The family's ability to work through the mental processes required to perform and develop new skills in the face of a challenge was impressive. And this bond became even more evident when they had to explore a bit deeper into their mind in the wipeout drills and when under pressure on the deep dives. 

It was very satisfying to see that they enjoyed and learned from the training, leaving the performance anxiety behind and taking it all in as a bonding family experience. Personally, it was also amazing to see the incredible potential of these young athletes Jacob and India, both in surfing and in freediving. 

More so, they show that the strong core values of family, support, growth and hard work that most of our society lacks this days, is what drives them; the Willcox family, and that is when blood gets thicker than water.