EXMOUTH - Specialist Watermanship Program


EXMOUTH - Specialist Watermanship Program


What is your discipline? Is it Surfing? Surf photography? Freediving? Ocean swimming? or do you just like to push your self in the ocean? What ever your discipline is, the Specialist Waterman Program will contextualise the training to suit your needs and give you the broadest training in general watermanship possible.

The program covers principals from the freediving, FSR and watermanship courses. The training, equipment, location and assistant instructors will vary from program to program because each course is specifically designed for the attending students.

Freediving students can complete either Apnea Level 1 or Apnea Level 2 on this program.


Pre Requisits: Must be physically fit, medically fit and have good knowledge of general watermanship, e.g. surf, freedive, ocean swim, life guard or shoot in the ocean regularly. No prior training in watermanship, surf survival, breath hold or freediving is necessary. Minimum age is 16.

Course Duration: 3 Days

What is supplied?

  • Freediving mask, weight belt and weights.

  • Tea, water and juice

  • Fruit

  • Lunch

  • Stationary

What you need to bring?

  • Towel

  • wetsuit (board shorts/bikini and radiator minimum)

  • Fins

  • water

  • zink/sunscreen

Medical Fitness

You will be asked to complete a medical declaration and unless you suffer a medical condition that is a contradiction to watermanship you will not be required to complete a medical examination. Students with contradicting medical conditions will be required to undergo a dive medical that meets the Australian Standard 4005.1. 

Medical conditions that are of concern are: lung conditions, heart condition, epilepsy, diabetes, any ear problems or any other major medical conditions. 

If you are in any doubt regarding your medical eligibility please don’t hesitate to contact One Ocean.

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