Laura Macaulay - Specialist Watermanship Program

Thank you for such an amazing course over the weekend Joe.

It was truly a privilege to be taught by someone of such high caliber such as yourself. 

On of the coolest things I have done in ages, I reckon top 3 life experiences so far in my life for sure!

I can't wait to keep going with the training. It will be good if I can have regular sessions with the crew in Gracetown, and to touch base with yourself sometimes would be amazing.

You are such a wealth of knowledge and incredibly skilled, and also such a good teacher. Thank you for helping us all so much.

Laura Mac



Mark Harding - Specialist Watermanship Program

My name is Mark Harding, I took Joe’s specialist watermanship program in Byron Bay from 19-21st May 2017.  I a 39 year old kiwi, a keen surfer and spear fisherman, who has spent my whole life plugged into the ocean in some form or another and who is always looking to improve my skills in the water and improve myself both mentally and physically.  

I totally recommend Joe’s course to anyone who wants to increase their level of competency in the ocean.  During the 3 day course Joe showed us so many practical methods to improve our ocean performance and to keep us safer.  Specifics of passive apnea, practical rescue techniques, CO2 dry training drills, wipe out and hold down training, high heart rate breath holds, swimming stroke technique, open ocean free diving, and this is but what I can remember off the top of my head.  Everything we learnt was super practical and immediately able to become part of my training regimen. Joe was able to explain all the theory behind everything, so you could understand clearly what was happening physiologically with our bodies as we were undertaking the exercises. Also, perhaps the greatest asset was the mental techniques to focus and keep calm and relaxed during a wipe out, hold down or forced breath hold.  Joe really understands this space, and you can tell its not because he read it in a book, but because he himself has constantly put himself into extreme conditions, experienced the edge and thoughtfully looked into what enables us to perform better in these extreme conditions.

The best aspect of the training is getting the time to train with Joe. He is the embodiment of what he teaches a rare combination of someone who knows their shit, has the practical application and experience to be an authority on what he talks about, and is a great teacher . You get the sense that Joe is really on a never ending quest to be a better waterman and is open in any path to further that goal.  In this sense, you can tell that Joe will always be improving what he is personally doing as well therefore as what he teaches.

I’m booking myself in again next year for a next level course as well as bringing my two boys along to get a course as well.  As long as you are prepared to train hard and expand your limits mentally and physically you’d make a good decision booking in a course with Joe.



Angus Firth - Specialist Watermanship Program (Margaret River)

"As a regular ocean goer I was keen to improve my knowledge of the ocean and gain an introduction into the world of apnea, predominately for surfing and diving. What I didn’t expect was that my biggest takeaway was all mental and came down to my perceived ability vs actual ability. Challenging yourself in a controlled (and often uncontrolled!) environment with the support of the one ocean team and having the theory/science to back it up makes so much sense for anyone wanting to push themselves in the ocean."



Alan Chynoweth - Specialist Watermanship Program

Surfed solid 10ft waves 3weeks after the course . I got one really long hold down, started to feel a little stressed halfway through the clubbing then said to myself relax and listen / feel your bodies oxegyn level signs and symptoms . Sure enough eventually surfacing, 100% relaxed with heaps of oxygen / time left in the tank.

Thanks again Joe for the valuable life saving confidence to be back I touch with ourselves and the blue garden of Eden.




Russell Ord - Advanced Watermanship Program

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Joe Knight from One Ocean International, I have been searching for a watermanship course such as this for a number of years to help me take my surf photography to a greater level, having that knowledge and training provides me with a high level of confidence and preparation when swimming /shooting in waves of consequence which has become my passion the last few years.

Being highly recommended by your peers and past students is a credit to yourself and One Ocean International, I certainly wont have any problems singing your praises and look forward to my son taking the same course in the near future because if he only needs to use the new found skill set I have recently acquired in anger, its completely worth it if not life changing.


Photo: Trant Slatter of Russell Ord at work.

Photo: Trant Slatter of Russell Ord at work.



Grady Fink - Advanced Watermanship Program

Recently I participated in One Ocean International’s- Advanced watermanship course.  

As a keen ocean goer, I didn’t know what to expect from a course like this, however throughout the 3-day course I soon learnt how valuable this would be for me in the future.

From the get go Joe was very friendly and just as excited as I was. He really does love his job, and he’s a waterman through and through; surfer, diver, spearo the list goes on… With his years of knowledge and experiences, he quickly reveals your potential in the water.

Joe has a natural ability to simplify the science and to make it all relative to your function, whether it is surfing, diving etc. By doing this he keeps you captivated for every second over the duration of the course. It is amazing how much information you absorb when the teacher understands you.

The course covers breath hold, and good water safety practice; which I think is imperative given you never know when those bad situations can creep up on you… a mate… or anybody in the water. Having these skills can be the difference between ‘calm and panic’ or ‘life and death’.

I think that this course should be done by anyone who loves the water.

Thanks heaps Joe!





Pete "skeeta" Derham - Advanced Waterman Course


Pete "skeeta" Derham - Advanced Waterman Course

Having recently completed the Advanced Waterman course offered from One Ocean Internationals, Joe Knight, i wrote this testimonial as to how the course went and what I learnt..

The course involves such things as Breath Hold, Specialized Training Techniques, White Water Swimming, Sea Survival and most of importantly First Aid and Rescue. 


Having gone into the course with no free diving or breath hold training before its fair to say I was a little nervous as to how hard we would be pushed and what would happen.. 

As all surfers can testify, we all have a pretty good all-round fitness going on, still the thought of being underwater for more time than your body is used too made me nervous

Joe knights style of teaching struck a chord with the small and intimate group of 3 of us.. he likes to keep the classes tight and compact and generally smaller than your average course sized class so that we all get more out of it.. 

Joe's way of teaching and explaining things in a motivated and positive manner had us all paying 100% attention at all times… over the course of the 2 days of theory its a testament to Joe that not one of us lost concentration once.. 

Its a hands on, active and in the end very satisfying course to complete…..

I think with an ever expanding surf population its only a matter of time when its possible to find your surfing mate or someone else face down in the water…knocked unconscious whether they be surfers, stand up paddle boarders, mal riders or bodyboarders having these rescue and first aid skills that could possibly save your mates life is a very important issue that us surfers don't think about much when we are running down the sand, board under arm, with a big smile on our face.. 

The techniques taught by Joe now give me confidence to aid and or save anyone in any type of troubled situation…

During the course we were taught about the functions of the body when it is lacking oxygen… we learnt to cope, and relax with these symptoms to a point where we became completely calm and aware as to exactly what was happening to our bodies and why… 

Its this kind of information that the general surfing population has no idea about, and before the course myself included… i believe that having just completed this course I am more aware and in tune with my body than ever before thanks to Joe... 

After a recent surf at a heavy reefbreak I became aware as to how much more relaxed I was under the water after a heavy wipeout. I found myself with a smile underwater as I now know I can hold my breath for more than 3 minutes and with Joe's unique wipeout simulation training, be able to cope and relax under any situation below the water.. 

This course in my opinion is a must for any surfer, its the basis of life, breathing. With Joe Knights expert knowledge gained over many years of navy diving, paramedic work and now a world renowned free diver, this course has the all round package we surfers are all looking for.. 



Lucas Handly - Freediving Suit

Lucas from Tribes of the Big Blue just got a One Ocean Freediving Wetsuit and has recently just been diving and filming up at the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia... 

"Dove all day in the 3mm, warmer than the others who were wearing 5's, it has to be the warmest wetsuit I've ever worn, the slick skin was awesome above water too, could barely feel the wind during travel time!"

Lucas at home...   Photographer    ; Julia Wheeler

Lucas at home... Photographer; Julia Wheeler



Fiona Duncan - Surf Survival

I'd never really explored the possibilities of my breath old or even really discussed the topic with much depth. Usually it's just " Oh bro I just got a mean hold down, hell that was narly".

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 9.04.21 PM.png

So now having done Joe's course I feel like the light switch has been turned on. I learned so much in the one day about my breath hold capabilities and loads of new techniques for sea survival and whats going on physiologically within my body.
I did the course straight off the back of a month in Sumatra and wish it had been the other way around.
Joe has a natural approach to the information provided incorporating diet, flexibility and mind control so really looking at the whole picture which I agree is key. He has created a very unique high calibre and informative course. I throughly enjoyed the course and wish to do more in the future. If your reading this and are keen then DO IT, sign up now. I believe every ocean going human should learn more from one ocean so we can improve our skills, and have the tools to manage our fear when put in situations that challenge our abilities.

Thanks Joe and Good Luck for your adventures, see you in Gisborne Feb 2014.

Fiona Duncan
Wahine on Waves - Founder and Co-Ordinator
New Zealand

for bia.jpg



Danielle Clayton - Surf Survival

I`ve just completed One Ocean International`s Surf Survival course and feel like shouting from the rooftops just how rad I feel. Founder, Joe Knight, puts you at ease right away with his relaxed, confident manner and obvious passion for what he is teaching. I loved the structure of the course: combining comprehensive (but not overwhelming) medical, scientific and holistic theory followed by practical exercises and pool training.

Living with Long QT Syndrome, a congenital heart arrhythmia that can cause sudden death, means serious thought every time I throw myself in the ocean.* Having been told to 'never surf again' by my family`s cardiologist at the age of 22, for the last 10 years I have constantly battled with my fear of hold-downs and big waves. Joe espouses that knowledge removes fear, something he repeats throughout the training. I have gained more understanding of what happens to our bodies physiologically when submersed under water and pressure, and feel far more confident in my mental and physical abilities. I have more knowledge, less fear, and the motivation to keep training, stay fit and be happy!

Joe was adaptable and able to teach the course multi-level. I was instructed on alternative, safer practices relevant to my medical condition and understand the theory behind it. We gently pushed ourselves within controlled environments (I more than doubled my static breath hold!) and thus begin to experience the physiology, and potential, of our own bodies. Practical surf/sea rescue techniques, swim training, pranayama breath practices, and holistic health advice rounds off the course.

As water-men and -women, I think it`s important to take personal responsibility and continually educate and train ourselves for being in the ocean. When things go pear-shaped - and they do, I would rather have the relaxed confidence that comes from knowledge and training to help both myself and other people, than freak out and flap around cluelessly.

We wholeheartedly recommend this course, are stoked to have met and worked with Joe, and look forward to the evolution of One Ocean International!

*PLEASE NOTE: I have personally chosen to pursue and enjoy my passion for surfing despite conventional medical advice and try to reduce my risks as much as possible in several ways. We do not advise for anyone living with a serious illness to follow suit, and highly recommend and urge you to seek proper medical consultation and advice before partaking in any prohibited activity particular to your condition. For more information on Long QT Syndrome, click here ( For heart arrythmias in general, click here.

Danielle Clayton

Founder of Salt Gypsy (

Maldives Surf Guide (



Alex Frings - Advanced Surf Survival

Recently I had the privilege to do a one on one Surf Survival Course with Joe Knight from One Ocean International Joe is a legend, an all round waterman. He’s a professional freediver, offshore survival trainer, surfer, paramedic and the list goes on. But most importantly he is a good bloke, patient, good teacher and motivator.

Surf Survival - tumble.png

As a water photographer and surfer I have spent quite some time in the ocean throughout the last decade. I considered myself a good swimmer and a semi-fit person. Most of the time I felt comfortable out in the elements, maybe a little bit to comfortable at times… until that one day, when the ocean showed me how quickly you can lose control. The result; a near drowning experience in Bali. The first wave of the set sucked the water off the reef, detonated on top of me and the rest is history.

From that day on I had never fully regained my confidence in big surf. Until I met Joe that is.

His Surf Survival course is life changing to say the least. My good mate Dan did the free diving course with Joe a few weeks prior to me and said afterwards: “One of the most valuable things you can learn in life, worth more than any university degree.” Turns out he was absolutely right. It’s a must for every keen ocean person.

Within one day I managed to increase my breath hold time doing a static apnea from 1:20min to 3:30min first go. Dan even got close to 5:00min. Insane, right! We simulated 2:00 minute hold downs in big surf, getting ragdolled around underwater whilst being blasted in the face with air bubbles from an oxygen tank. I was able to gain some amazing new body awareness, experiencing what running out of Oxygen and CO2 build up really feel like. The point where I used to panic underwater and thought I’m going to drown has now changed to; Relax, you’re not even half way through your Oxygen reserves… plenty more to go!

Surf Survival - team shot.png



Gregg Scott - Surf Survival

Thanks again for your time last week so stoked i did the course!!!

The main reason I looked into doing something like this was an experience I had surfing recently. I got into a position where I got caught in front of a rogue set while also being stuck in an undertow. The first wave tore the board from my hands and snapped my leggie. Had a two wave hold down and then the remainder of the set kept pitching on my head while the undertow felt like it was drawing me down. Defiantly felt like I was out of my depth and it was a totally humbling experience.

Gregg SS.jpg

For me the most valuable thing that I took away from the course was a greater awareness of what I (and anybody) is capable of with the correct understanding and preparation. The theory part of the course broke down the anatomy  and physiology of our bodies which was pretty info heavy , but you made it digestible and 100% relevant to me. Once in the pool this information gelled and made me feel comfortable with what my body and mind was experiencing. I still can’t believe how much difference the breath up exercises made!

Throughout the various breath hold exercises there was no time where I felt uncomfortable or out of control with your constant encouragement and support.  I had total confidence in what you were telling me and it pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

I can’t stop talking about this mind blowing experience with mates and would recommend anyone who loves spending time in the ocean to do this course.

Thanks again legend!!

Greg Scott | Senior Industrial Designer

Surf Hardware International



Jessica Leitmanis - Surf Survival

Thanks for an invaluable day One Ocean! I wish everyone I know could do this course. Theory backed up by practical experience, gave me such enhanced understanding of my own capabilities...certainly makes me far safer, more confident and competent in the ocean. Joe, with such good communication and support you really gave us the confidence to challenge our comfort zones. Would never have expected to achieve a breath hold of 2mins46 seconds at the beginning of the day.

Jess Leitmanis.jpg