Thanks again for your time last week so stoked i did the course!!!

The main reason I looked into doing something like this was an experience I had surfing recently. I got into a position where I got caught in front of a rogue set while also being stuck in an undertow. The first wave tore the board from my hands and snapped my leggie. Had a two wave hold down and then the remainder of the set kept pitching on my head while the undertow felt like it was drawing me down. Defiantly felt like I was out of my depth and it was a totally humbling experience.

Gregg SS.jpg

For me the most valuable thing that I took away from the course was a greater awareness of what I (and anybody) is capable of with the correct understanding and preparation. The theory part of the course broke down the anatomy  and physiology of our bodies which was pretty info heavy , but you made it digestible and 100% relevant to me. Once in the pool this information gelled and made me feel comfortable with what my body and mind was experiencing. I still can’t believe how much difference the breath up exercises made!

Throughout the various breath hold exercises there was no time where I felt uncomfortable or out of control with your constant encouragement and support.  I had total confidence in what you were telling me and it pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

I can’t stop talking about this mind blowing experience with mates and would recommend anyone who loves spending time in the ocean to do this course.

Thanks again legend!!

Greg Scott | Senior Industrial Designer

Surf Hardware International