I'd never really explored the possibilities of my breath old or even really discussed the topic with much depth. Usually it's just " Oh bro I just got a mean hold down, hell that was narly".

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So now having done Joe's course I feel like the light switch has been turned on. I learned so much in the one day about my breath hold capabilities and loads of new techniques for sea survival and whats going on physiologically within my body.
I did the course straight off the back of a month in Sumatra and wish it had been the other way around.
Joe has a natural approach to the information provided incorporating diet, flexibility and mind control so really looking at the whole picture which I agree is key. He has created a very unique high calibre and informative course. I throughly enjoyed the course and wish to do more in the future. If your reading this and are keen then DO IT, sign up now. I believe every ocean going human should learn more from one ocean so we can improve our skills, and have the tools to manage our fear when put in situations that challenge our abilities.

Thanks Joe and Good Luck for your adventures, see you in Gisborne Feb 2014.

Fiona Duncan
Wahine on Waves - Founder and Co-Ordinator www.wahineonwaves.com
New Zealand

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