Having recently completed the Advanced Waterman course offered from One Ocean Internationals, Joe Knight, i wrote this testimonial as to how the course went and what I learnt..

The course involves such things as Breath Hold, Specialized Training Techniques, White Water Swimming, Sea Survival and most of importantly First Aid and Rescue. 


Having gone into the course with no free diving or breath hold training before its fair to say I was a little nervous as to how hard we would be pushed and what would happen.. 

As all surfers can testify, we all have a pretty good all-round fitness going on, still the thought of being underwater for more time than your body is used too made me nervous

Joe knights style of teaching struck a chord with the small and intimate group of 3 of us.. he likes to keep the classes tight and compact and generally smaller than your average course sized class so that we all get more out of it.. 

Joe's way of teaching and explaining things in a motivated and positive manner had us all paying 100% attention at all times… over the course of the 2 days of theory its a testament to Joe that not one of us lost concentration once.. 

Its a hands on, active and in the end very satisfying course to complete…..

I think with an ever expanding surf population its only a matter of time when its possible to find your surfing mate or someone else face down in the water…knocked unconscious whether they be surfers, stand up paddle boarders, mal riders or bodyboarders having these rescue and first aid skills that could possibly save your mates life is a very important issue that us surfers don't think about much when we are running down the sand, board under arm, with a big smile on our face.. 

The techniques taught by Joe now give me confidence to aid and or save anyone in any type of troubled situation…

During the course we were taught about the functions of the body when it is lacking oxygen… we learnt to cope, and relax with these symptoms to a point where we became completely calm and aware as to exactly what was happening to our bodies and why… 

Its this kind of information that the general surfing population has no idea about, and before the course myself included… i believe that having just completed this course I am more aware and in tune with my body than ever before thanks to Joe... 

After a recent surf at a heavy reefbreak I became aware as to how much more relaxed I was under the water after a heavy wipeout. I found myself with a smile underwater as I now know I can hold my breath for more than 3 minutes and with Joe's unique wipeout simulation training, be able to cope and relax under any situation below the water.. 

This course in my opinion is a must for any surfer, its the basis of life, breathing. With Joe Knights expert knowledge gained over many years of navy diving, paramedic work and now a world renowned free diver, this course has the all round package we surfers are all looking for..