Recently I participated in One Ocean International’s- Advanced watermanship course.  

As a keen ocean goer, I didn’t know what to expect from a course like this, however throughout the 3-day course I soon learnt how valuable this would be for me in the future.

From the get go Joe was very friendly and just as excited as I was. He really does love his job, and he’s a waterman through and through; surfer, diver, spearo the list goes on… With his years of knowledge and experiences, he quickly reveals your potential in the water.

Joe has a natural ability to simplify the science and to make it all relative to your function, whether it is surfing, diving etc. By doing this he keeps you captivated for every second over the duration of the course. It is amazing how much information you absorb when the teacher understands you.

The course covers breath hold, and good water safety practice; which I think is imperative given you never know when those bad situations can creep up on you… a mate… or anybody in the water. Having these skills can be the difference between ‘calm and panic’ or ‘life and death’.

I think that this course should be done by anyone who loves the water.

Thanks heaps Joe!